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Welcome to KWD!

Posting Rules

You can speak freely about vendors, reviews, sources, and uses in Kratom Reviews group. This is an invite only group at this time. 

Be kind to your fellow poster, bullying has no home here

Users must be at least 21 years of age, anyone less than will be deleted and their posts removed from the system. 

No discussion of illegal products of behaviours will be tolerated

Invite only Groups

Join others by requesting to join their private groups. By joining you will receive all group posts and comments in your social media feed. 

Beware some groups are hidden and are invite only. 

Say hello!

Introduce yourself to the community by posting your experience with Kratom in #IAMKRATOM We are in the process of building the largest indexable database of all experiences with Kratom.

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Share #KRATOMWATCHDOG on Facebook, and Twitter.. Tag @KRATOMWATCHDOG for a handmade keychain as a gift for your support and encouragement. 

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