Kratom.IM 2015

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Social network for Kratom consumers. Features include testimonials (scraped by our bots) from facebook groups, kratom advocacy sites, and vendors. 

Vendor review program for consumers. Will allow users to rate, and review products sold by vendors along with the price point. Our bots will scrape kratom stores for up to date stock info, we can use this info to allow users to create filters.

User discussion, expanding on top of both the testimonial and vendor ratings, we will provide access to a user forum.


  1. Crawlers & Scrapers
    1. Define JSON spec for our vendor listings
    2. Scrape AKA testimonials 
    3. Scrape kratom vendor listing sites
  1. Vendor Profile Page
    1. If the user attempts to contact the vendor we will save the message, but we will only notify the vendor that he has a potential enquiry. To view he will have to login or create an account. 
    2. Vendor Signup
      1. Allow a vendor or customer to submit a listing
        1. Create a link account feature for orphaned listings 
  1. Home Page
    1. Render a map containing all the active vendor listings if they have an address. Allow the user to click a flag marker which would invoke a modal window containing a listview of all the vendors in that specific area/ state. 
    2. Display a listview of recent reviews, testimonials, and posts
    3. Show videos related to Kratom
  2. The Pantry
    1. Allow users to submit requests for Kratom. We will send these requests to anyone who wishes to join the pantry program. User will have the option to make his request public (which would post to our social network accounts). 



  1. Vendor Rating

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