APP Features

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User sign up 

Name, Country, email, username

( Can sign up with facebook, twitter, google or IG )

Push Notifcations

all to be added via back end :

View singles 

view mixtapes ( full albums ) 

view embeded youtube videos 

search ( artist / song title / mixtape title ) 

download AUDIO files to device  

save for offline play ( premium ) 

Profiles ( showing recently uploaded for artist & recently played for users / premium ) 

follow system ( notifications when a follower uploads new music )

Rating system ( 1-5 fire emoji’s ) 

Ranking system ( most views / likes ( fire emoji’s ) show up in “What’s Hot Section”

View count / listen count on Audio files & mixtapes 

commenting system ( On audio files, video links & profiles )

Profiles ( User,Artist ,Premium, Admin, Moderator,  )

User Features 


View Audio, Mixtapes, Videos & comment 


all user features

Verified / Unverified 

Accept / send Private Messages

upload audio & mixtapes & submit youtube links ( must be moderator / admin published )


All features of user & Artist ( other than verified )

Early access to exclusive uploads,

download music ( Singles & mixtapes )

Save Music for offline play 


All features above


Ban / unban users 

Can publish music 

Remove comments, view spam reports 


All features above


all moderator features 

Add / remove user 

lift bans 

add moderators 

add premium music & advertisements ( In app ) 

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