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Instead of holding down a button to aim in place, the player needs to hold Up on the d-pad, then quarter circle downward like through a Ryu fireball to aim in place in 45 degree angles. It is one of those things that is so simple and works so well. But Jazz’s multiboot mode is pretty straightforward and simple.

After the credits roll, a Quest Log shows how many times each item was used, times saved, Rupees found, enemies slain, and total play time. The Game Boy Advance port of A Link to the Past features a semi-new and more faithful translation in the game’s localization. Several strings of in-game text were changed and a few expanded, and are paraphrased differently from the original text. The prologue in the game’s intro was expanded and explains the Imprisoning War in greater detail.

GBA Single-Pak Link Multiplayer Game List – Complete (aka multi-boot mode)

Link pursues Yuga through a dimensional crack, arriving in the twisted, decayed kingdom of Lorule. There, Yuga uses Zelda and the descendants of the Seven Sages, who he had trapped inside paintings, to revive and fuse with Ganon, obtaining the Triforce of Power in the process. Just then, Link is assisted by Lorule’s ruler Princess Hilda, who traps Yuga in magic bonds. The story is set many years after the events of A Link to the Past. Yuga desires to kidnap the Seven Sages and use their power to resurrect the demon king Ganon.

  • To make it less bothersome when playing, you can change the sizes of the buttons and move them outside the screen.
  • Collect amazing power-ups to even enhance Spider-Man’s strength and agility and you can also collect different suits for Spider-Man that make him even more powerful.
  • In 2009, Game Informer put A Link to the Past 12th on their list of “The Top 200 Games of All Time”, saying that it “remains a blast today”.

There are also many stages available and the AI can be adjusted several different ways. If players tire of the default stages, then you can make your own with the Level Editor. Like Bomberman Tournament, Chu Chu Rocket should be bought for the multiplayer alone and is one of the best Single Pak linkable games on the system.


It’s one of only 4 games in the series even I still like anymore, judging from what I’ve replayed over the last few years. From what I’ve read between the lines on all reviews, this is simply a masterful puzzle game rather than an unforgettable Zelda adventure with fantastic new items and a unique world. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra The 10 best GBA games of all time | EmulatorGames+ Moon – Sometimes, a little tweak to a game makes all the difference. The Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon let you hunt and collect prized Pokémon.

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