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Comments From Wesley

Forum Types
• Glass
• Vape
• Ethno Botanticals including Kratom
• Credit Card Solutions and Banking
• Web
• Everything else
• Selling forums including auction items
• Files upload Forum for companies to upload pdf catalogs, lab results, anything that is a pdf file.

• Distribution
• Manafactures Exclusive
• Distributors Exclusive
• Shop Owners Exclusive
• One forum for owners, web developers, and one for group admins

Possibly we should try to outline all the disadvantages of facebook groups, What is negative about them, lack of privacy due to people with fake user names. Facebook police, unscrupulious competition, possible loss of entire network due to facebook anti drug and tobacco policies. Lack of streaming video, Disorganization of group posting system, having to see posts you don’t want to see etc posts being bumped up. People not being able to see content easily that is relavant to what they want to see, spam,and abuse, Lack of auction format, no way to rate members and identify who your truly talking to. Moles, etc. Lack of transparency. So many more features available in real website. Discounts, distributor cooperation, Prizes, contests, legal referrals, banking referrals, etc. Exposure for your distribution company. Ways to reach out to thousands of stores without cold calls. Basically an online marketplace trade show 24/7 365 days a year where you don’t have to spend 10k to attend a trade show No pressure. Matched trade show specials even when you can’t travel Instant industry updates and feedbacks from other shop owners on every new or current products.

Retain the way for members to be able to block members that they don’t want to see or subscribe to members that they do want to follow. List the # of subscribers a forum user has.

Possibly don’t let people participate in auctions until they are paid members. We might want to retain that one feature to encourage them to pay membership quicker. We make the membership very easy to create. Just the click of a paypal button and then they have the ability to use full features. We may even only want to show previews of some other features like streaming videos as well until paid membership.

Shop owners will have their own exclusive forum to privately chat along with distributors, and manufactures.

Every member will design a profile to be approved prior to joining. They will be asked to provide their EIN, store name, email, phone, and name. Certain info will be shown with the member profile that anybody can view and some hidden. Other members will be able to rate and review other members. 1-5 stars and descriptive review that anybody can see. Reviews will pend approval from web admins though to keep people from smearing people for no reason.

New sign ups will get 30-90 days free until prompted to pay the monthly fee or a discounted fee for a year. Login will integrate with facebook logins.

Live video, Live chat, Group Messaging, Streaming Webinars and distribution company video tours.

A list of all distribution companies with a way members can rate them and leave reviews about them.

Live Auctions for products and glass held weekly.

Banners for sale or given with sponsorship for allotted time.

Partnerships with magazines and etc to get articles written and include links on websites.
Affilliates program etc.
Discounts from distributors to all members of groups.
Distributors printing group information on their catalogs.
Articles written for the headshop magazines about the website.
Possible retail side of the website for retail users. Possibly retail users could locate stores or buy products through affiliate programs.

Possible “TIP of the Day” to be uploaded to the site daily. Stores that get the TIP of the Day could receive credit and recognition as well as prizes. We could also do shop of the week etc.

Enlist well known stores to do specific admin duties to forums to encourage enrollment and support.
Possibly list the company as a non profit LLC “donations” for consulting purposes

≠ Have different permissions levels to include glass artists at lower levels with access to the glass forum.

Have an online market place with all products listed such as on Instagram. Stores can scroll through Instagram style listings that would be populated by the distributors with that format.

Have referral programs with insurance companies, lawyers, etc as well as credit card companies etc to represent stores.

Somehow figure out how to be able to bring as many people into the network as possible with different permissions levels to accommodate everybody. Everybody will have to be pre screened. Everybody will have to provide their info. Their info will be partially viewable to anybody that interacts with them to prove they are industry.

Pricing structure to reflect different members.
I am thinking $10 a month is good for store owners, $5 a month to glass artists, $100 a month to distributors with a certain amount of reps that can come in for free, etc. The pricing must be discussed with a discount for members that buy full year memberships or early renewals. Possibly a 3 day timer displayed at top of site that will allow countdown reminding them to renew. Auto renewal program possibly.
Affiliate code for member drives. Possibly give a free month membership for article of the week. Letting stores contribute content by writing articles that members Star up and rate.

Figuring out how to data mine private head shop owners group for data possibly and the ability to sell offline pdf versions of it.

Possible certain Honory free memberships for some members that have really helped out with the group in even admin ways in the past several years, ie Justin David Wilson, Adam Rivera.
Any distributors that contributed to the orig fund will get free time based on their contribution from the total. There were a very very few that contributed $250 Possibly 4-5 of them I believe but will double check. Master Minded distro donated $100 and has done a lot to help out adding members etc. They deserve something for their efforts for sure.

Some of the organizational rule structure from Headshop club could be scrapped and reused its worded so well.

Headshop owners group can be utilized as just a leader site to add people to the real forum. We can discuss privacy concerns with being able to verify people in the past, the improvements of more technology, new deals and auctions, and the easy integration with current fb login,

The other groups can be left as open forums that act as leader groups, graphics can be used to spam the other groups with membership information. Free 30-90 day membership after being verified.

We would need to actually spell out the verification process so people will understand whats expected and asked for. It protects their privacy as much as anything else which they will value. There will be zero un verified members in it and anybody added will be able to be viewed by other members. The fb police wouldn’t be patrolling and reading every post because on private offshore secure servers. No threat to lose resources due to facebook cracking down on posts and pipe topics. Etc.

Thinking another group should be made to organize structure of those working to build the site where everybody can communicate freely during the process of building it. Possibly even 3 groups. One group for partners and another group for the web developers and the partners. Then another forum on the website that will be for website admins etc.

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