AKA APP Proposal 24TH December

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I’d like to ask for the boards consideration in retaining my services and engage a designer and to develop and flesh out the AKAKratom system & mobile applications by administering a fundraiser based on the following deliverables and necessary support services. 

APP & Forum Features

  • Apple & Android Push Notifications
  • Activity Stream/ AKA Kratom Social Media Timeline 
  • Private Groups and Pages
  • Contacts import for email and phone contacts
  • Fundraising bar (similar to gofundme, nationbuilder) 
  • Automated cross posting to all of our platforms (FB, IG, Twitter, PRNEWSWIRE, and the website) from AKA Kratom (1 to many posting).
  • Central location for pictures and videos of Kratom trees 
  • Embraces Facebook’s login API (application programming interface) to move our Facebook user-base onto our platform
  • Integrated live streams/ webinars
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Private Groups and functions for vendors and volunteers
  • Executive dashboard to manage push notifications, live map, and email tracking statistics instantly 
  • Nation builder testimonial importer
  • Qualified vendor list/ QR code scan 
  • App based legality map that can be clicked to pull up the State pages
  • GPS to segment our subscriber email lists by State
  • Interactive brochure that explains what Kratom is, and the AKA services

Support Services Required:

Maintenance and bug fixes

Training, webinars, etc

Availability for our administration and volunteers

Custom reports and metrics such as heatmaps

Technical Planning (app roadmap, development logs, and prioritizing) 

Supporting documents, guides, and marketing materials

Executive Dashboard

  1. Interactive map that represents our subscribers by location using their GPS coordinates. 

      2.  Select groups of subscribers and trigger instant phone notifications . 

Use Case: DEA decides to follow FDA recommendation and schedule Kratom. Petitions and calls to actions can be instantly triggered on the phones for a select geographical area (ie DC). Users who have clicked on the notification will have their pin change from red to gold signaling their awareness of the notification/ call to action. 

Coordination of volunteers

Use Case: Validated volunteer community organizer wants to assemble to showing for local a hearing. They will post a coordination request in the relevant group, that if supported by the AKA will notify members in the surrounding area with an event page for the meet. 

Live Polls & Filtered Questions

Questions can be taken  live for webinars, guardians of freedom calls, and training sessions. Only posts that have been approved by a human will show on the topic at hand. 

Use Case: Pete is tasked with hosting a webinar for vendors and would like to take questions. He has already created a post on the forum announcing the webinar, and has included this link in the an email or app push notification the day before. Members are now able to post and and ask their question, their message is held in a queue (off screen). Robin and Angie were also on the call but logged intothe admin panel and are approving posts. Which then updates Petes screen showing the members question. 

Kratom Social Media Timeline

The homepage of the application must be completely redesigned if we are to maximize our absorption and retention of our Facebook membership.

The forum interface can be dramatically simplified by looking towards an existing model that does this at scale with billions of people intuitively. Social media timelines are by far the highest converting user interface their is. My recommendation is that the board allows for me to engage a designer who will translate my technical and user interface requirements and provide us with 3 versions of our new home page and timeline design for consideration. 

The final of which will be taken and coded by myself into the application and AKA Kratom website. 

Timeline Components: 

  • Modern and sleek fundraising graphic for donations
  • Scrolling feed of all posts that renders the last two comments that renders text, video, images, and PDFS 
  • Member drive graphics signaling top referring members, user count subscribed, and related data

[attached a bare bones example of how the timeline would appear and function]

Intermeditatory Changes 


Within the first hour of training (the only such training that either Angie or Robin has had thus far) Robin was able to jump in head first and create all 50 of our State groups that Angie then went through and added appropriate graphics.

Their experience and support allows us to leverage this existing functionality today. 


The naming and branding of an app or web service is the variable that sets the expectations of the experience

Forums have the connotation of being clunky, slow, and difficult to use. Reddit is a perfect example of a website that redefined what a forum could be and branded the new “forum” model as their own without the negative associations. 

We should brainstorm a name that better signals our purpose to the membership. 

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